2018: Our Urban Futures - Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities: Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals and The New Urban Agenda - Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Conference Papers
20 years on from Pathways to Sustainability Conference, Newcastle, 1997
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Conservation Education in Accredited Zoological Institutions Case Study of Monarto Zoo
Australian Government Affordable Housing Policy Update
Capacity Building for Authorities and Leaders
Cardinia Shire’s Liveability Plan 2017-29
Co-designing and co-creating public space with young people
Coastal Design Community Planning, Housing and Island Development Planning
Creating a Circular Economy The act of implementing intergeneratiolnal transformation
Delivering the SDGs through water utilities – For Hunter Water
Determining the proper management regime of constructed stormwater wetlands in Dry Creek wetlands in Mawson Lakes, Northern Adelaide Region
Eco-Objects Master Planning of Suzhou New District
Economics of Second Cities
Ethical City projects Principles and practices for developing cross-sectoral projects to implement NUA objectives
From Potential to Action Affordable ‘One Planet’ Living
Healthy Cities 2,0 One planet living in the Anthropocene
Helping Curb Problems in Philippine Urban Squatting Throught Architecture Education
Housing as an Infrastructure of Care
Innovation Precincts
National Hydrogen Roadmap ‘Pathways to an economically sustainable hydrogen industry’
Opportunities for More Sustainable Everyday Mobility Locally
Pioneering through Partnership. Port Waratah Coal Services Sustainable Development Report
Planning for a Sustainable City in a Rapid Growth Environment
Plastic Police Community Engagement and Recycling Program
Post War Reconstruction in Syria Building Peaceful Communities Building Peaceful Communities
Progress and planning Progress – Sustainable development in Lake Macquarie City
Putting Well-being on the Agenda
Regenerative Farming Keeping Carbon on the Farm Project
Repurposing and Greening Commercial Multistorey Carparks
Second-tier cities Setting the context definitions, opportunities, issues
Shifting the balance Delivering employment, innovation and liveability in the regional city of Bendigo
Superkilen – Designing for equity and social inclusion
The Affordable Housing Income Gap
The Importance of Liveability to Health and the SDGs
The Living Wage and Why it Matters
The Role of Infrastructure in Shaping our Urban World
TOD Initiatives in the City of Subang Jaya, Malaysia An Action Plan Towards Adequate Housing for All
Towards a National Housing Strategy
Understanding secondary cities in Asia A policy capacity approach
Urban Liveability A key mechanism for delivering the SDGs
Winning from Second An international perspective on Second Cities