Conference Day 1

Session 1PaperSlides
S1 – Strategies for Carving out Green CityPlanning Strategies, Guidelines and Action Plan For Green Neighbourhoods In MalaysiaDownload
Provision The Social Infrastructure For The Fulfilment Of Urban Community Needs In IndonesiaDownload
S2 – Green Housing Focusing on Convenience, Safety, and StabilityScope of Innovative HousingDownload
Ozone Homes – New Green Technology for Affordable Housing in East European CountriesDownload
A Study of Housing and Redevelopment in Ulaanbaatar in Terms of Upgrading Affordability and EnvironmentalDownload
Home Energy Cost and Housing Affordability of Low-Income Home Owners and Renters in the United StatesDownload
S3 – Green Transportation Considering Users and EnvironmentHeavy Rail System Route Extension (SEREMBAN-SG. GADUT) and (SENTUL-BATU CAVES)The Case of Greening Trips by ModeDownload
Aging Population and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in the Southern California RegionDownload
A Challenge for Green Transportation: Bicyclist Exposure to Air Pollution in Seattle and SeoulDownload
Residential Location and Commuting Mode Choice of Seoul’s Dual-Worker HouseholdsDownload
S4 – Green Industry and Economy for Sustainable GrowthCairo’s Industrial Regions (Helwan and Abuzabal) Realocation and Conversion to Green Industrial DistrictsDownload
Structural Path Change Analysis on Real EstateDownload
Knowledge Network and Spatial Characteristic of Bio Companies – Focus on Joint PatentsDownload
The Policy and Case of Low Carbon Green City in KoreaDownload
S5 – Regeneration Strategy for Central Areas of the Secondary Cities The Possibility of Traditional Retail Market Renewal Project in KoreaDownload
Beyond the Superblock Negotiated Infill Development as a Strategy for Sustainable HousingDownload
S6 – Governance System Designed to Realize Happy Green CitiesThe Level of Awareness towards Environmental Issues and Concern among Students in Tertiary LevelDownload
Utilization of green open spaces in Jakarta : Challenge and Current StatusDownload
Social Capital and the Quality of GovernmentDownload
Governance System of Happy Green Cities A Malaysian PerspectiveDownload

Conference Day 2

Session 3PaperSlides
S1 – Strategies for Carving out Green CityAnalysing Traffic Elements in International Islamic University Malaysia by Revealed Preference ApproachDownload
Putrajaya Green InitiativesDownload
S2 – Green Housing Focusing on Convenience, Safety, and StabilitySignificance of EIA Study in Achieving Sustainable Housing Project in MalaysiaDownload
The Spatial Balance between Households under Sub-Standard Housing Conditions and Affordable HousingDownload
S3 – Green Transportation Considering Users and EnvironmentThe Use of Green Means of Transportation to Decrease Air Pollution in CairoDownload
A Theoretical Review on Sustainable Transportation Strategies: The Role of Park and Ride Facility as a Generator of Public Transport Mode ShiftDownload
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Transportation in Southern California: Challenges and ResponsesDownload
S5 – Regeneration Strategy for Central Areas of the Secondary CitiesStudy on Janghang Industrial Site Using Place Memory in South KoreaDownload
Revitalizing and Greening Cities’ Public Spaces The Case of Pedestrian Movement and Social InteractionsDownload
Sustainable Management of Ancient Capital Cities in KoreaDownload
S7 – EnvironmentLocal and Regional Impacts of Urban Compactness on Air PollutionDownload
Impacts of Urbanization on Forest Reserve in Hulu Langat, Selangor, MalaysiaDownload
Study on Reducing the Emission of Greenhouse Gases for Green CityDownload
Resource-Recycling Rooftop Farming in the Elementary SchoolDownload
Greenhouse Gas Environmental Impact Assessment Analysis of the Use of and Consideration for Improving the SystemDownload
Investigating Resident’s Attitude and Behaviour towards Recycling and Waste Separation at Source in Precinct 10 Putrajaya Using Theory of PlannedDownload